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people like the cute stuff more than the porn stuff and this is my nsfw blog what do i do

continues to sweat

continues to sweat

my first peen forgive me everyone

my first peen forgive me everyone




So I missed your reply so this is age old forgive me ——- sobs ———

Your fics were like, heaven sent to me as I searched for hours on every site I could think of for ANYTHING. It’s such a cute pairing, I wish there was for of a fanbase around it! I get desperate searching for art or fanfiction but there’s never anything new ——-

I had one pretty much done until mY CAT STEPPED ON THE POWER AND TURNED IT OFF, Gotta redraw that one again —- but sure, I’ll link ya if you want~ I’ll try to get off my lazy butt and dO MORE ART YE

Heeeee, yes I loved those drabbles so much they were all so cute! All the fanfiction was cute I’m really glad I found them ghsgjkh andyou,soIcangiveyoumyloveforwritingthem♥

(Whoops, I forgot this in my drafts for a long time…)

Ahh I’m so glad you found my fic! I know, it’s impossible to find Frasopp fic or art.

And yeah! If you post any Frasopp art, please link me to it~~~ :D And I will link you to any Frasopp fic or art I do in the future. ^u^ I’m so glad you love it so much~~

Haha, that’s okay that’s okay!

i’m so glad I found it too, I think I read it two times because I was so hungry for the Frasopp u//v//u ~ 

Hehe, I think I messaged you about a new one I drew? It was on anon so sorry about that, one of those times I wish this wasn’t a side blog, if you wanna see it, it’s here! Aw ye hope more Frasopp fics come soon~♥ From you and from other’s!


Luffy threw a million bandaids onto Usopp’s face and bought him some ice cream with all his allowance to make up for hitting Usopp smack in the face

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From requests I took a little while ago. (I do not generally take requests here)


annie in sweats was a little self-indulgent of me, but what can I say?
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Happy Birthday, Marco, enjoy a piece of ass~
Real talk, I have been laughing over “the booty” for weeks, thank you for this req. I’m so sorry I forgot to tie him up, I’m sure it’ll get drawn sooner or later. <:

*friendly reminder not to remove my inane commentary**
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